About the Blog

Fueling Happy began as a health and fitness lifestyle blog space for me to write about working out and eating. Basically I just posted stuff I liked and stories that made me laugh. It was also my way of avoiding  multiple emails to family members across the country.

I think I can now officially label it a “mom blog”. I have two kids, 19 months apart. I barely work out and I eat left over toddler food, but I still love sharing stories that make me laugh.

So here are my stories. My everyday craziness, tears, love and happy.

About Me

I am a trained Elementary Teacher. If at times you feel like you are reading a blog written by a 7 year old… it’s because my career began in a Grade 2 classroom. While I still have a passion for teaching and learning, my move across the country was not an easy transition professionally. I am now, very happily, working as a Marketing Communications Professional, on maternity leave a stay at home mom.

I live in Toronto, Canada and I love it here. I grew up in a small town (1,500 people small) in Alberta. I have an amazing husband and two crazy minis. Bennett and Berlin. They rock my world and I love them more than anything. Our dog is pretty cute too… now I feel like I’m bragging.


Posts About Me

Happy New Year! The Last Six Years…

Questions or comments? Email: nicole.martin (at) outlook.com

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  1. I have to say a few things… I just found your blog and 1. I’m a teacher too- so I love that you are and 2. I LOVE your blog name! Very cute and creative. 🙂

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