Christmas Party Season

I woke up just after 6 am this morning to Berlin yelling, “That’s my milk Benn-net!” She must have been dreaming because she was back to sleep by the time I found my phone on the floor next to my bed and checked the nest cam. I knew I was not falling back asleep, and if I did, waking again would be tough. That and the thought of fresh coffee and a silent house pulled me out of bed.

We had the best weekend before Christmas.

I had my first office Christmas party! Which is a pretty big deal because it’s been over 2 years since I’ve had an office… plus this is hopefully the start of an exciting new career.


Random office shot from earlier in the day. It’s in the Distillery District, currently buzzing with the Toronto Christmas Market. Great atmosphere, but parking sucks.

Saturday, we were death. It turned out to be a decent day. We tend to save all of our kids screen time up for these days. We watched a couple movies as a family. The kids loved it, and we did too.

We rallied that night for a onesie party. Of course we didn’t realize it was a onesie party until hours before we were planning to leave. Thank you Walmart and Mark’s Work Warehouse. I will have to recreate this night for you in photos because we looked ridiculous. Jeff found a tuxedo onesie, ugliest thing I have ever seen. Mine was actually pretty cute… (pic from

Sunday we went to Peter Pan with the kids. Soul Pepper is an amazing theatre group and they do some really great kids stuff. (This specific production was put on by Black Hats who works with Soul Pepper?? I’m not sure of the details.) The kids were mesmerized for the entire show.


Afterwards we went to a Via Mercanti in Kensington Market. (I have an Italian brother-in-law, which are the best kind to have). He recommended the restaurant and then ordered for us… THE BEST. I highly recommend this place. Bonus, it is a great family place. The kids were amazing. I forgot toys… again. The staff was so accommodating and brought the kids food right away. The minis managed to make it through a whole meal with no issues. Ok, now I’m bragging.


If your in Toronto and looking for a great family restaurant with amazing food go here:

Via Mercanti

So after our amazing weekend we’re back to our regular lives. It’s been so cold here I’ve been struggling to get these kids out of the house. High of zero today, maybe we’ll hit the gym?

Wish us luck! Happy Tuesday!

xo Nicole


How do you keep your kids busy/active in the winter?

What is your fav family restaurant in Toronto? Calgary? Anywhere?

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