Santa Pics & Chef’s Plate

Once again, I haven’t blogged in MONTHS. I keep starting posts, spill out all my thoughts and then get lazy at the thought of editing… I could spend HOURS trying to make a post perfect, and still never be 100% satisfied, so I’m going back to the original style of this blog. Random posts, unedited iphone photos, spelling mistakes (hopefully WordPress will catch most of them) and run on sentences. If that’s not your thing… I get it, it’s not really my thing either… but I’m going with it.

I also took my computer in to the Apple Store. It’s only, 5, 6? years old, but I was sure it was a lost cause and I was going to have to shell out for a brand new one (secretly excited), alas, I just needed a new hard drive. Thank you Canada Computers, I feel like I’ve got a brand new computer for $250. I am still looking forward to the day I can get my hands on a shiny new, light weight, Macbook Pro.


I got it fixed the same day we did Santa photos.


Berlin HATED it, she is 2 for 3. The first year she was only 5 days old and indifferent to  bearded stranger in a red suit. I get it girl, Santa scared me too.

Chef’s Plate

I am taking advantage of all of these food delivery service first time offers. I will literally try any one that’s offers me a discount. I am hoping to find one that works for our family and use it at least once a month.

This week, we tried Chef’s Plate. I LOVED it. It was dropped off on my front parch in a perfectly packaged box. Each meal was in an individual paper bag and the meat was on the bottom with the cooler packs… AND they source local farm fresh ingedients. #feelgood

It was so fun to make and the kids loved it too.



I ordered the family plan, so four plates of each meal (3 meals). The portions were great, enough for dinner, Jeff had leftovers for lunch and I had leftovers for dinner. Plus I’ll be keeping these fancy recipe cards.

I chose the red coconut curry for night one… big mistake, even with half the curry it was too spicy for the kids. Jeff loved it, I liked it night one, but wasn’t excited about eating it again.

For convenience, I give it 10/10. Ingredient freshness, 10/10. I didn’t LOVE this meal, but I would still give an 8/10. I will let you know how the other ones are. Bonus with Chef’s Plate is you get to choose your meals, I think they offer 5 meals and you can choose 2 or 3. (Why did I chose a spicy one?) I also don’t think we need the family size, we might be able to get by with just the meals for 2. But, leftovers…

You can try Chef’s Plate and get 3 plates free when you enter the following code at check out! #3platesFromFuelingHappy

Also, I’ve started watching Grey’s Anatomy from the beginning… (embarassed face).

Have a great night and hopefully you’ll hear from me soon!

xo Nicole



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