The Stroller Post

I have become somewhat obsessed with strollers. I don’t know why, I wish it was shoes or something cool. I know it’s so weird, and expensive… and seemingly unnecessary. Unfortunately for my husband I can justify pretty much any purchase if it’s something I really want need. 😉 In three years I have collected three strollers (that doesn’t sound so bad). I thought I would share some of my stroller wisdom with the world.

This post is in no way sponsored by UPPAbaby.

Stroller 1. UPPAbaby VISTA $699

We actually got a rockstar deal on this because it was days before the 2015 model arrived (I did not know this at the time, I thought it was a boxing day sale). The new ones are hella pricey, $1199+, which is actually more than I spent on my wedding dress… that’s how I justify my stroller spending. Think of it like this… how much did you spend on your wedding dress, that you wore for one day and is now rotting somewhere in your basement? $1000? $2000? Well you should probably be willing to spend at least that on something that will be pushing around your precious offspring in for the next four plus years.

The VISTA has been through A LOT.

Love: Pretty much everything. It’s light (in comparison to most), folds easily and has a great basket. We nicknamed it “the Caddie”. It’s on the larger side, but a seriously smooth ride. PLUS… UPPAbaby has the best customer service. Just call the number and they will do everything they can to help you out. In the last three years I have had to replace a few things… they can send you the individual parts (ex. wheels) and they are super easy to switch out. I just ordered a new frame and canopy, so it will basically be a new stroller by Friday.

It also has been amazing to travel with. I can fit a carry-on suitcase in the back of the basket or a pack and play for late night dinners at friends. I have a cooler that slips perfectly in the front of the basket, pop down the piggyback board and you’ve got a portable mini bar. Soccer mom win.

It also comes with a bassinet which got a TON of use on and off the stroller.


Side Note: I secretly wish they weren’t so easy and reasonable to repair, it makes buying a new stroller increasingly hard to justify.

Hate: My biggest complaint about this model is the rumble seat. It doesn’t recline or face outwards. They have changed this on the newer Vista, so if you plan on having two kids stroller age I would spring for the 2015 version. The accessories are also bananas $$$, but worth it. The kids love the “skateboard”.

Stroller 2: UPPAbaby G-Lux $339

So in love with the UPPAbaby brand I obviously spent way too much money for an umbrella stroller.


We used this stroller for the entire summer that we lived in a basement suite. It is so easy to carry up and down the stairs and has a full recline for comfy naps. I now only really use it when we are taking the subway. Our nearest stop doesn’t have an elevator and the G-Lux has a shoulder strap! It is actually light enough that I can carry Berlin on my hip and the stroller on my shoulder and still hold Bennett’s hand down the stairs.

If you don’t need to hulk around a stroller over your shoulder, you could probably find something comparable for a more reasonable price.

Stroller 3: Guzzie & Guss Twice


I sadly just took this photo because I am seriously thinking about selling this stroller. I used it last summer to and from the park… sometimes. It’s really heavy, obviously I’ve been spoiled by UPPAbaby. UPPAbaby does do a double umbrella, G-Link, but it’s not available in Canada and was way out of my third stroller price range.

This one did the trick. I loved it for the full recline. Both kids (or one) could nap comfortably plus it fits through a standard door, which means mama can actually get shit done at nap time.

Bennett doesn’t really nap anymore, so it’s just been sitting in our basement.

Stroller 4: UPPAbaby (Obviously) Cruz $699+

OK… here is where my problem becomes very obvious. With accessories (I would have to buy all new because… different model) and Ontario HST, I would be looking at around $1000 for this beauty. Ugh… Frick! It’s on my radar because it’s just a bit smaller than the Vista (think city version). I live in a super walkable hood, so I inevitably use my stroller more than my vehicle. The Cruz doesn’t come with the bassinet and can’t support a second seat but… I already have a stroller for that. Sigh…

I could… sell stroller 1 and 3 and justify stroller 4. Koo-koo.

Am I crazy? It’s ok, I can take it. Or should I just sell and upgrade because, kids grow and needs change and life is more strollers.

I get this entire post is a first world problem. I hope it can be a help to anyone looking for the pros and cons of a stroller or give you a good laugh at my ridiculousness.

Thanks for reading.

xo Nicole







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