Baby on the Brain

I really haven’t been able to keep up with the blog since 2014, right around the time I jumped on this roller coaster of motherhood. It’s been a wild three years.

Now with two toddlers (sleeping through the night), the new house (reno complete and fully moved in), I have officially quit my day job and am one course away from completing my real estate license. (I know I already mentioned that.) I am feeling like I have some control back.

Bennett is home on summer break. He goes to pre-school twice a week for 2.5 hours so it has been a pretty easy adjustment. (We no longer have to set the alarm clock on school days.) Berlin is the queen of sleep. She naps 3-4 hours in the afternoon and is down 7:30 to 7:30 like clockwork.


Those are teeth marks on the crib rail.

We are going through a difficult transition with Bennett and his sleep. He is done with naps, but will still occasionally fall asleep in the middle of the day. This leads to a late bedtime… 11:00 pm bedtime, so we do our best to keep him awake all day.

Introducing… quiet time.

Side note: I used to do quiet time with books but he kept falling asleep.

Another side note: I try REALLY hard to avoid TV with these littles… that’s a whole other post, but some days quiet time is an episode of Daniel the Tiger.


Pink cozies are his fav. Pick your battles. Pink pants play.

We’re still working on the space. I was thinking a bulletin board might be cool to hang some of his artwork, if you have any great ideas let me know! I have to remove all the toys at bed time (for obvious reasons), so shelving with craft supplies is out. Dang. He’s also obsessed with his “Pla-ta-doh”, I can’t help but silently laugh whenever he asks to play with it.

Now that life has settled in, my big question that I actually can’t get out of my head is: Do we have another baby!!!??? Am I crazy? I just said we are settling in! Enjoy it right? The world is made for a family of four. Big brother, baby sister, dog of the year (8 years running), basically my dream come true. Kids are expensive, vacationing with three… rare. Forget flying home three times a year to visit family. Not to mention you’re completely out numbered, it’s whole new game. Two kids: man to man, Three: zone defence.

As I write all of this, and I’ve been thinking about it for a while, I still want just one more. I want to be pregnant again (sort of), I want to give birth again, breastfeed, co-sleep, baby smell. All the feels. (I must have really blocked out all the hard days.) I want Bennett and Berlin to have another sibling. I only had one sister growing up (until my mom re-married) and I always wanted to be apart of a bigger family.  (Wish granted at 14, although not exactly in the way I had imagined.) I am grateful to be from a family of 4, Jeff a family of 5… 3 doesn’t seem so crazy, right?


I run through the pros and cons daily… and sometimes I give my head a shake and try to silence that “just one more, we can make it work, more kids equals more fun, I am crazy and I hate having money” voice in my head.

Comments, opinions, advice and experience welcome. Help.

Also… is re-watching Game of Thrones realistic?




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