This Beautycounter thing… I’m LOVING it.

So Gregg, the CEO and Girl Boss badass of Beautycounter, believes that safer beauty is best shared person to person. Introduce me, THE CONSULTANT. Signing up as a Consultant was a no brainer… hellllooo discount. I really had no intention of “selling” the product. Ya, it would be a nice perk if it happened but truthfully, I don’t have a ton of extra time right now. (PS I am one course away from being a Real Estate Salesperson! Whoo!)

With some encouragement I decided to host a socialI was totally skeptical about it. I think my friends were too. It just felt so weird ‘selling’. I stocked up on wine and snacks and invited the ladies over for a masking party and it ended up being such a fun night!




I also realized something, for me, it wasn’t at actually about selling make-up and skin care. It was about educating my friends about what we are putting on our skin and our bodies… and our babies bodies. I didn’t realize how passionate I had become about safer beauty until I really got talking about it.

My colleague recommended this app and now I use it for everything. Go download it!


EWG (The Environmental Working Group) is a third party, non-profit organization. Their mission, “to empower people to live healthier lives in a healthier environment”. It seriously has changed my life. Although, I am now obsessively plugging everything into the app and it’s not pretty.

Healthy living has focused so much on fitness and food; so many of us neglect to consider what we are putting on our bodies. FACT: Our skin is our largest organ. FACT II: The liver is the largest internal organ… I can’t decide if this makes me feel better or worse about my wine consumption…


There is so much to learn and I am slowly soaking it all in. It’s not easy, maybe it would be if I were a biochemist. I do have this handy tool: The Never List. I get it, comparing labels to lists is painful impossible… especially at a busy drugstore with two toddlers running circles around you, pushing products into and off of the shelves. Enter the EWG app, scanning labels is much easier. (Even easier, I just buy Beautycounter… all products have a green rating in the app.)

Ok, this is starting to feel “sales-ey”, it’s really not meant to! Swear. Just please think about what you’re putting on your body and make changes where you can. I am slowly switching to safer, although I will continue to shellac my nails whenever possible… nobody’s perfect. I hope to continue to share what I have learned on the blog, I’ll keep it simple and if you want more info, you can go to the website. 🙂

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Guys, I drank the Kool-Aid and my skin has never been happier.






One thought on “This Beautycounter thing… I’m LOVING it.

  1. Hear hear! Such an important and under-discussed topic. And given how bombarded we are by unhealthy marketing campaigns across the board, I say stand on your soapbox and sell the chemical-free kool aid! No need for apologies. Oh and for my part, I think the best thing women can put on their bodies is men… is that creepy?

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