Tips for Surviving Two Toddlers

I feel like if I got in the routine of the following I would seriously be a super mom. In real life, being a mom and having a to-do list is not exactly setting yourself up for success. One of the first things I learned was to let go of the list (and expectation of showering daily). These are basic human things that you probably never thought you would have to prioritize. They are important, do them. Or at least, try to… I will too.


1. Pee and brush your teeth before you do anything else first thing in the morning.

We don’t use an alarm clock most days. Bennett only has school twice a week and why would I wake up a sleeping toddler? Sleep above everything. I wake up between 7:30 and 8:30 to “Mommy!Mommy!Mommy!Mommy!” I have learned that the kids will survive an extra 5 minutes in the morning. Do yourself a favour and take care of the basics before they even know you’re awake. (You may not have another chance to be in the bathroom alone until nap time.)

2. Get dressed!

We live in a two story house. If I don’t take the time to put a bra on before going downstairs the first time, it may not happen for me at all. It’s so easy to wear sweat pants all day, and some days, I do… no shame. If I don’t get dressed in the morning I am less likely to get out of the house. I wear Lulu’s most days anyway. I don’t even know if that technically counts as getting dressed.

3. Do the dishes after every meal.

I used to let dishes pile up all day and feel so over whelmed. Our kitchen/living is open concept so the mess stares at me all day. I find if I take 5 minutes after every meal to clean up, it makes a huge difference.

4. Diapers. Wipes. Kleenex. Everywhere.

We buy wipes by the case from Costco and they are the best. We have a pack in every room and use them for everything (bums, faces, dog puke). You know you’re going to need them all day, you might as well keep them close.

5. Toys. Just accept it.

If you saw the toys in my home, you’d think I was running a day care. I have been trying to clear them out, but I just end up re-organizing and moving crap around the house but… it has been working for us. Less to pick up each day and less to get distracted by. (I am a big believer in creative play and love watching the kids use their imaginations when they get tired of playing with a toy.)


The Toy Corner – and she still goes for the diaper cream…

6. Start Fresh Each Day

Save the big clean for after the kids have gone to bed. (And by clean I mean, pick up toys and put away dishes.) Better yet, have the kids tidy up for you. (Most days I look at the clock and realize it’s 7:15) and we power move to bed… as if my kids would clean up anyway.



Make coffee before you go to sleep. There is nothing better than coming down to a clean house and a fresh cup of coffee. Extra points if you’ve peed, brushed your teeth and put pants on.

Good luck fellow mamas!

If you have any tips or routines that make your day just a little bit easier, please share!

xo, Nicole







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