My Most Prestigious Award

The hardest part about having 2 under 2… (this will continue to be the hardest part until Bennett can jump into our SUV solo) getting both kids safely from the car to the stroller and back again. I fell like I am forced to chose the child I love and the life I will risk strapped into the stroller, vulnerable in the parking lot while I buckle/unbuckle the other. It often consists of me making multiple trips around the car while I place, switch and buckle, switch, repeat.  And then put away the stroller. Needless to say, “Can you pick up the dry-cleaning?” That’s a hard, “No.”


I feel like I am pretty brave about getting out of the house. I had Bennett in Target at 5 days old and Berlin on a plane to Calgary at 2 weeks. All with the exception of grocery shopping. For some reason this was the most daunting task to me. I would get heart palpitations just thinking about it. The problems were the following:

Car to Store – Stroller is just not an option here. Not unless you are going for milk and eggs, which, why bother?

  • Bucket seat with baby in one arm, toddler in the other. This is great, unless, my then 20 month old decides to sit down in the parking lot, in which case I am carrying both kids, 1 carseat and a bag full of baby shit and hopefully a wallet. Keep in mind, it’s winter… in Canada.
  • A cart. Great! But I parked underground and there is no elevator… again… there is fucking snow on the ground.

Where do the groceries go? – I finally found a grocery store with underground parking and an elevator! It’s Walmart, but it will do. I was beaming with pride until I realized I needed to fit food and 2 boxes into a cart that is full of kids. The bucket seat took up the entire front while Bennett sat up in the toddler seat. I ended up carrying a basket and piling diapers onto the bucket seat (with baby still in it).  The struggle is real.

Home Depot… nailed it. Too bad you can’t feed my family.


Add to all of this coordinating, sleeping, eating and pooping schedules of two tiny humans. Chances are one of them is going to have a melt down.

Bonus: If you are in line behind anyone with a soul they will let you jump to the front.

I must get into the mom zone and black out everything because I honestly don’t know how we survive off anything other than take out; but somehow I have mastered grocery shopping. The warmer weather helps, as does Bennett being just a few months older. Now I just load them up and go. The key is to not think about it.

To the point, I was bragging to my good friend about my mom accomplishment, she responded with, “Don’t you feel like someone should just hand you a medal?”… “Yes. I do. 100%.”

Anyway, today this happened:


Yep, that;s a TROPHY! Thank you Telus! You’ve made my day.

Happy Mother’s Day.

What are your Mother’s Day plans?

When did you feel like someone should hand you a medal?


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