A Night Out with NOW Foods

Sometimes you just need a night out. Last night, Natty P invited me out to Coco Lezzone in Yorkville. Great vibe. As much as I love my babes, it’s nice to go out and not have to navigate around highchairs and sippy cups.

I forgot how much I love dressing up! I feel like I haven’t put on heels in a year, let alone a skirt. I was happy to fit into this gem, I bought it a year ago… just before finding out I was pregnant. Yep, the tags were still on.


The event was for NOW Foods. We listened to a presentation while sampling the Coco Lezzone menu. Points for me for sitting down at a table with a celiac and a vegetarian, “Oh, you can’t eat that? We don’t want it to go to waste. I guess I could have one more bite.” So good.

NOW Foods – I have never given much thought to essentials oils but with all the chemicals in skincare products these days I am always looking for a natural alternative, especially for the babes. I was surprised to learn that some essential oils can actually be dangerous for infants and young children and should be used with caution. WHAT!? I just assumed because it was a pure and natural product it would be safe. I’ll need some more info before sharing these with my minis, in the meantime, bring on the mom love.

Marva mixed up some Rose and Lavender for me to help with relaxation and muscle pain. She suggested adding it to a warm bath. Definitely a great fit for a busy mom. (This one is safe for breast-feeding moms, also something to be conscious of when using essential oils.)

All in all it was a great night. I met some really cool people, ate great food, sipped red wine (that’s really all I need) and came home with some interesting products to try!


The best part – I walked into a clean house with sleeping babies. I felt a little ‘out-momed’ by my husband but it was totally worth it to have some me time. Also a plus, it’s a daycare day for Bennett so I got to spend the day cuddling my baby girl.


Passport Photo

Happy St. Patricks Day!


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