A Lot Can Happen in a Year

I can’t even believe how quickly the last 12 months have gone. It’s been a big year. I am kind of sad I didn’t make blogging a priority because the documentation of would have been crazy…

So what happened…?

We said goodbye to out first house.


We bought our dream home… sort of.

Good bones… the location is perfect and we could see the potential. Our plan was to move into the first floor while we renovated the second and eventually re-do the entire house.

We had to cancel my 30th birthday plans for Vegas.


Yep… Pregnant again. Surprise! I knew we would would have at least two kids and we weren’t doing anything to prevent pregnancy… but we were defiantly surprised to see this test come back positive. Bennett is just over 10 months in the photo.  He is 19 months now and I am due in 4 days, December 5!

We moved into a 1 bedroom basement apartment.

With our exciting pregnancy news we decided to bite the bullet and just renovate the house (main and second level).


My mom came to visit and since Bennett had the one bedroom, and our bed was in the living room… she got the kitchen floor. Thanks Mom, you’re the best.

I went back to work… but only for 6 months.

I actually really enjoyed going back to work…. getting dressed, brushing my hair, leaving the house. Bennett LOVED daycare so that also helped the transition. I don’t think I appreciated how much work being a mom is until I was able to sit at my computer actually finish a coffee while it was still hot. I still missed my little love though and am happy to be back on leave.

We went through the renovation from hell.

We are still going through it. Every thing was supposed to be finished mid-September and we are now officially in December. I hope to share a separate post with some of the details…

We are so close to our dream house and meeting our baby girl!

Any day now… my mom is flying in today and hopefully we can start cleaning this place up ASAP. There are just odds and ends left, missing tiles, grout, half finished stair case, paint touch ups. Nothing we can’t finish in the new year.

I am hopeful to continue blogging regularly but I have a strange feeling two under two is about to rock my world.






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