Four Months and The Sleepeasy Solution


I just love this little guy. He makes me smile, laugh, basically love life. How have four months gone by already? What happened to this little baby?


And where did all that hair go?

4 months and 6 days, Bennett weighs 18 lbs and is 26 inches long (85th percentile for both). I can’t believe how big he is already. I was emotional packing up his 3 month clothes. Pretty soon he’ll have teeth, be eating solids and crawling! AHHH. Time! Slow down!

Until this week Bennett didn’t really have a schedule. He ate when he was hungry and slept when he was tired; pretty much wherever he pleased. In the past couple weeks we started to notice he wasn’t falling asleep anywhere. He showed more interest in what was going on around him than catching some zzz’s. This often resulted in an over tired grumpy baby strapped into the ergo.

We decided it was time to sleep train. Our friends recommend the book, The Sleepeasy Solution. *The book recommends waiting until 4 months to sleep train. Here’s what’s working for us. (I would totally recommend buying the book.)


The book recommends a bedtime routine. We usually start around 7:00 pm, 6:30 if he hasn’t napped in a while. We try to get him down by 8:30 at the latest.

  • Bath (every other night)
  • Music on
  • Lotion and some nudie time (for Bennett)… this is done on layers of towels
  • PJ’s on, lots of giggles.
  • Feed
  • Music off, white noise on
  • Two stories
  • Good night kisses


We leave the white noise on along with a night-light. Conveniently we found a sound machine with a glow at Target for about 30 bucks. We can even plug in an iPod.

Once we put Bennett down, we say goodnight and close the door. If he is crying we do a 5 minute “check”. A check lasts a maximum of 30 seconds. You can talk to your baby and offer loving and encouraging words but you CANNOT touch your baby! This is hard. I would suggest painting your nails (you know you haven’t had a chance in the last 4 months). Check again in 10 minutes and then in 15 minute intervals.

The first night was the hardest, he cried for an hour, then woke up in the middle of the night and cried for another hour (same check in procedure). Each night got a little better and last night he was asleep by the first check in!


I also give him two dream feeds a night. After talking to my doctor, I will wean him off of these at 5 months. I do the first one before I go to bed, around 10:30/11:00 and the second one approximately 3.5 hours later. The trick is to dream feed before they wake up hungry. If you want them to learn to self sooth, you can’t feed them when they cry in the night. (This happened the first night and it was heart breaking. We waited until he fell back asleep and then… dream feed.)

We are still working on mornings and naps. The book suggests waking up 11 hours after bedtime, so 6:30/7:00 am? The first nap should be 2 hours later. Bennett and I can’t seem to stay awake that long! We keep falling back asleep after 30-60 minutes till 9:00! Oh well, one thing at a time.


Thoughts on sleep training? It’s pretty controversial, but I think we are all happier with a little more sleep.

2 thoughts on “Four Months and The Sleepeasy Solution

  1. What a cutie! We did the same thing, walk in walk out every 5 minutes. That first week was brutal but it worked! We love our babies but mommyhood is soooo much better with sleep.

  2. ahhh! look at those thigh rolls! are you giving him breastmilk or formula? my little babe cannot seem to sleep through the night, and i’m wondering if it’s because he’s drinking breastmilk or because he’s sleeping on his back (the only times he does it are when he sleeps on his tummy, but i’m freaked out about SIDS so try to keep him on his back).

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