Mother Funker

Bennett and I went to our first Mommy / Baby workout class and it was so much fun! I was invited by a friend to try out MOTHERFUNK at a local community centre. It was a blast AND a great workout.

We got sweaty…


The class is super informal; the moves are really simple and allow you to move freely around the room while interacting with other moms. The music is awesome (Backstreet Boys and Katy Perry… she even takes requests!) I was a little nervous at first but got into it really quickly. Bennett has an ergo and I wish I had brought him a clean onsie to change into afterwards. I didn’t anticipate how sticky we would get after an hour of chest to chest hip-hoping.

The little man actually fell asleep about half way through. I heard this might happen but couldn’t believe it when we started moving. I am guessing B had a great time too.

We headed to the park after for some lying on a blanket time. (I am sure the park will become increasingly exciting with age.) It was nice to catch up with friends and meet some new ones.



Remember when I went to the circus? This video was uploaded yesterday! Can you spot us dancing fools?


Tried any Mommy / Baby classes? Favourites?

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