Girls Night Out: Kurious

My amazing brother-in-law is DJ Medicine Man, popular in the city for his Electro Swing parties. Cirque du Soleil approached him to DJ the Kurious Launch party in Toronto Thursday night. He generously offered me 4 tickets to the show and the party. Thank you Medman, we had a blast!


The show itself was, as always, incredible. Cirque knows how to take your breath away. This was only the second show that I have been to, OVO being the first. You can check Kurious out here.

The after party was equally as awesome. I love a good dance party. I don’t know how anyone could stand still when he’s spinning. Think your fav song mixed with 1930’s swing… and yes he was playing with a live band. My friends basically dragged me out of there.



You can check the party out here:

We had one little issue… of the four of us, the two of us with babies under one had husbands out-of-town. (Vegas for work? Sounded rough.) I crafted a master plan. ‘I will take your wife to the circus… if you watch our babies.’ I was pleasantly surprised at how quickly my plan came together. We even had an extra husband on board! Three guys (with no kids of their own) watching a 10 months old, and a 4 month old. I must say they did pretty well.


Bennett did give them a run for their money, crying for an hour and a half. Poor guys tried everything, from google to stripping him naked and “airing” him out so he wouldn’t over heat. I actually can’t believe Bennett didn’t pee on them. The guys kept a close eye on him to make sure he was breathing the right amount per minute; he was sleeping soundly in his car seat when I got home.

So grateful this night worked out and appreciative to those that made it happen. I am thinking I would like to make an effort to make this an annual thing. I love going to the circus!


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