Seawheeze 2014 Race Recap

We did it!!!


I almost bailed on this race. Between a broken tail bone and a new baby I had come up with every excuse in the book to not train for this race. In the end we decided to make the trip across the country and run it anyway. I am so glad I did.

While I didn’t come close to my sub 2 hour goal I was really happy with my time. I surprised myself and ran the whole thing. Good news is, I now have a 1/2 marathon personal best! 2:29:13

Screen Shot 2014-08-26 at 12.39.20 AM

I forced My husband and girlfriend to get up with me at 6:30 AM Friday to hit up the Seawheeze Lulu Store. We got there at 7ish and the line up was an insane. (The people at the front lined up at 1AM.) After an hour and a half we finally got in. It was crazy, but I could have spent hours in there. Our meter was up in 30 minutes, so it was go time. Thank goodness I am a size 4, 6 and 8 were pretty picked over. I feel like I got some good stuff. I also feel like I bought some stuff I don’t need/love because it was Seawheeze exclusive… oh Lululemon, you are geniuses.


I had to get up extra early on race day to feed Bennett and pump. We were out the door by 6:32… pretty sure they closed the road down at 6:30… panic… breath… talk to police… get permission to cut through. Phew, we made it to the race just in time.


We jumped in the 2:30 corral and started out with an easy pace. The first 10K flew by and felt pretty easy. Maybe this is because the last time I ran 10K I was pregnant. We chatted and enjoyed the scenery. Once we hit the seawall I could really start to feel the soreness creeping up my legs and into my hips. I knew if I slowed to a walk it would be over, so I kept pushing. My energy level was high. I had been taking advantage of the Vega gels along the way (I had downed 2 by 14K and was feeling great). At 16K I picked up the pace knowing it would all be over in half an hour. At 20K, I really kicked it up,  hoping my pace would take me to the end in 5 minutes. As soon as I saw the finish line, my body felt like it was going to give up on me. My new running buddy (friend of a friend, great girl, don’t you love it when that happens?) said, “get to the girl in the orange running jacket” …about half the distance to the finish. It was an amazing strategy because I passed the girl in the orange jacket and finished strong.


I did it! I also peed a little… I had been holding it since KM 8… thank you to the ladies in Starbucks that let me bud in the washroom line.

IMG_0271This race was so much fun. I think I smiled through 90% of it. The feeling of running through a cheer section is indescribable  you just need to experience it. Thank you to everyone that came out to cheer, wave signs, play music and encourage us along the way.


Any must run races?

What is your favourite part about racing?



One thought on “Seawheeze 2014 Race Recap

  1. Fellow lululemon addict here! I live an hour away from a lululemon outlet, and can never walk out of there without at least 200-300 dollars worth of stuff. Also congrats finishing the race, you’re such an inspiration!

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