I have a 3 month old…

Well… now almost 4 month old, I never got around to hitting the PUBLISH button on this post.

The days have been flying by so quickly and I have been so focused on cherishing every moment with this little bean that I have seriously neglected this whole blog thing… (and fitness thing, but that’s another post.)



He doesn’t seem to have grown much if you compare photos, but I assure you, this kid is a chunker. He was 14 pounds, 8 ounces at his 2 month appointment. He hasn’t weighted since, but I am sure he is over 16 pounds by now.

He’s had a lot of first in the past two months.

First flight (to Calgary)

As if we were even thinking about taking a photo on a plane
with a baby. Fellow passengers look at you like your carrying explosives…
Don’t make eye contact and hope for the best.

First funeral. Sadly my Grandpa Arthur passed away just a week before our planned trip home. I was so excited to introduce Bennett Arthur to him. My Grandma assured me that he knew his great-grandson would carry his name. Rest in peace Grandpa. We are so proud of you and will love you always.


First bear sighting


First music festival.


First walk with Grandpa.


It’s been a busy three months. I hope to find more time to write… I am missing it!

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