Fueling Friday 06.06.2014

June, July and August are my favourite months, hello summer. I have been waiting for you. Fueling happy this week…

1. Ergo Baby Carrier. I am still obsessed with this thing. It’s like magic and reminds me of this:


It’s hard to get a good photo of Bennett in the carrier. I assure you, when he looks up at you with his little hands all folded up and his big eyes your heart will melt.

2. Finding a Deal! Ok, so I am new to diaper shopping and I am still not sure what a good deal looks like. I found something very interesting at Wal-Mart…

I walked back to the baby section and found a giant “Roll Back” display on Pampers. A box of 148 for $34.98. Jack Pot! The various sizes were mixed together and after a few minutes I spotted 3 boxes of # 1’s at the base of diaper mountain. After rearranging the display I shoved a box into the bottom of my stroller. Obviously I had to see how good of a deal I had scored, so I walked over the regular diaper section. There I found boxes of 148, 186 and 216… all for $34.98. Huh? I triple checked the tags and decided I better find a price checker because something wasn’t adding up.

I hauled the 148 and 216 boxes awkwardly across the store (both did not fit in my stroller) and found a scanner. Confirmed. These two boxes were the same price!


Is this normal? I just can’t understand why the price wouldn’t increase with the quantity? Wal-Mart – I am disappointed that you would advertise the 148’s as a sale… #shame.

3. Day After Body Sore. I dug out my Jillian Michael’s 30 Day Shred dvd this week. I only got two workouts in, but I felt it. I can’t remember the last time my body felt sore from a work out? The dvd is great because I can make my own modifications (my tailbone is not ready for “Plank Jacks” – get in plank position and them jump your legs in and out… ouch).

4. Playing Outside. We had a weekend full of friends, BBQ’s and patio celebrations. The Colour Me Rad 5K was in Toronto Saturday and while we didn’t run, we did support. Rose Nylund even got into it.

cmrWe also celebrated our good friend and Bride-to-Be, Jessy (you may have seen her around the blog; sorry fellas, she’s getting hitched)! Brunch on a patio with champagne, caesars and 9 ladies = happy place. The Stagette is next weekend and the big day is in 5 weeks! Jeff and I are both in the wedding party 🙂 so we will be flying out to Calgary in July.

I. Can’t. Wait.

via Instagram

via Instagram

Hopefully you get to play outside this weekend!

Oh ya, this is a picture my mom took of their deck yesterday. Yep, that is snow in June…


What’s fueling your happy lately?

Can anyone explain the Wal-Mart Diaper phenomenon?

2 thoughts on “Fueling Friday 06.06.2014

  1. You did such an amazing job planning the shower. I loved the pink balloons and all the delicious treats. Thank you again and again!

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