Fueling Friday 05.30.14

Happy Friday! It scares me how fast the week flys by.

1. Baby Love. Bennett is one month old today! What? The good news is he is fitting into all of his cute outfits. This is my favourite onsie. I meant to get some more photos but he “spit-up” (aka projectile vomited) all over it.


2. Brand new toothpaste. Random right? We have 2 tubes on the go right now and getting anything out is an arm work out. I can’t wait to crack a fresh tube and not have to fight to keep up personal hygiene… it’s the little things.

3. The Ergo. This thing is a life saver. Bennett loves it and I have two free hands. It’s my go to during the day when he won’t settle. (Recycled photo.)


4. Suits. My girlfriend has been telling me to watch this for a while. I finally pulled up Netflix on my phone and subsequently crushed an entire season… It’s so good! Am I a bad mom because I look forward to feeding so I can watch my show? Sadly, there are only 2 seasons on Netflix.

Screen Shot 2014-05-30 at 10.53.45 AM

5. Early morning workouts. I only got one of these in this week because Baby B likes to sleep in and I refuse to set an alarm clock with a 4 week old in the house. Tuesday I managed to get to the gym by 6:00 am (B woke up to eat around 5:15 so I had a guaranteed 2 hours.) It was so awesome to be worked out, showered and back in bed by 7. We slept till 9:30. Glorious.

Stepping outside Tuesday at 5:40 I realized my perfect running weather has returned. I actually darted back into the house, changed my shoes and powered up my Nike running app. After lacing up I realized I was being stupid; pouted for a second and then took of my runners. No point pushing recovery. Sticking with low impact for 2 more weeks…

I will just have to take advantage of these early morning opportunities as they come. It only works when Bennett wakes up for an early breakfast (between 5 and 6 am).

6. Friends that bring you food. I never thought I would appreciate this so much. Tuesday I had friends pop over for lunch with sushi and another friend cook and drop off dinner. Jack pot. Do this for your new mom friends. Even if they protest (which I did). Thanks guys, you’re the best.

Have a great weekend!


2 thoughts on “Fueling Friday 05.30.14

  1. I plan on posting a one month postpartum update and will include more details there. I didn’t stay in bed long. I couldn’t. We had lots of visitors in the first week so that alone forced me out. Because of my tailbone, I couldn’t get in a comfortable position in bed to hold him, it felt better to walk around (and Bennett liked it too). My hips and back actually started to ache from lying on my side. I was walking in week 2 (I remember because my mom and Grandma were here). Jeff and I got out and did some shopping on Day 5, so that was probably my first big ‘walk’.
    I would say (and I’m not an expert) rest as long as you can, enjoy it. If you would feel better to get some air or walk around, do it. If you have your mom there to help while you stay in bed for the first month… really enjoy it. I personally think a whole month in bed would be mentally very challanging.

  2. great update! i can’t believe it’s already been a month, little bennett looks too cute 🙂 are you starting to get back into an exercising routine? i’m curious how long you waited until say, you got out of bed, went out for a walk, went for a run, etc. my mom is adamant on making sure i don’t get out of bed for the first month postpartum. thoughts?

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