Sunny Weekends and Sweaty Mondays

On mat leave and the weekends still fly by. What did we even do this weekend? A lot of this:


Perfect set up, Rosie and Mom get sun while Bennett chills in the shade. (Don’t worry, nuddie boy was slathered in sunscreen and inserted into a cute little short sleeve onsie.)


We had a few visitors and Jeff worked on the yard. With the long winter we had there was lots of cleaning up to do. He also planted our new vegetable garden. My job this summer is to water it. Wish me luck… I have never been able to keep plants alive.


Bennett had his first real-estate experience outside of the womb. Touring open houses has become somewhat of a Saturday ritual for us. We love our house (we just finished it), but we will inevitably grow out of it. Toronto real-estate is bonkers and we are looking for the right opportunity. I have a feeling we’re going to be in this house for at least another year or two… but we’ll keep shopping.

Monday morning and I found myself back at the gym! Whohoo! Thank goodness. I have been craving a sweat session and I finally got it.


Yep… Gym Selfie, kind of. I stayed the extra 40 seconds to get my distance to 3.00 miles.

The elliptical is low impact and I didn’t feel any tailbone pain. Seeing the studio full of sweaty people made me super jealous. I am hoping to get to a BodyPump class this week and hopefully a few more cardio sessions. Not sure my butt is quite ready for a BodyStep or BodyCombat class yet. I had planned to start my half marathon training May 30. (Note to self: book a doctor’s appointment tomorrow and get the go ahead.)

I read somewhere (don’t quote me because I have no idea where or if it was even a credible source) that breast-feeding mamas need to drink lots of water, especially when heading back to the gym. Apparently staying hydrated will help prevent your milk supply from being affected. My water bottle has been glued to my hand all day.

Now to kick this ice cream, chocolate and candy habit…

Also… Baby farts are the cutest.


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