Mom Love and a Broken Butt

Happy May Long weekend Canada!

My days have been flying by, I can’t believe I have been off work for a month already. I have no concept of the weekend anymore. I am sure once my mom leaves and Jeff gets back to work full-time I will be more mindful of what day it is. For now, I don’t really care. I can’t believe it’s already mid-May! Where does the time go? … and when is Spring coming?

Having my mom here has been amazing. I haven’t cooked or cleaned since the baby arrived. (I have helped when I can, for the most part, delicious food just appears.) I am so thankful to have had her here the past two weeks. Bennett had also taken quite a liking to her. He is very comfortable in Grandma’s arms. She leaves Wednesday; I am mentally preparing myself.


I figured this would be the perfect time to start the 30 day plank challenge. It doesn’t hurt my tailbone and I am craving some sort of physical activity. I downloaded the 30DAYS app. It has a number of 30 day challenges, including push-ups, burpees and wall-sits. I’ll start with the plank and see how it goes.


I am pretty sure I re-injured my tailbone. Bennett loves bouncing on the ball, probably because that was how I spent the last month of my pregnancy. He was crying last night and I plopped myself down on the ball. Shooting pain. I felt like I was making progress… now I can barely sit or stand without feeling it. I feel great otherwise.

The Seawheze training app is here! It’s a 14 week schedule. I planned on 12 weeks (before the tailbone fracture). It’s just a waiting game for now. I may as well try to enjoy the rest.


Anyone with tailbone fracture experience? How fast did it heal? How long did you rest?

The midwife was pretty sure I had broken my tail bone before. I remember thinking I hurt it snowboarding in high school, but it didn’t seem that significant…


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