I Love Being a Mom

Two weeks postpartum and things are going great. My grandparents and my mom arrived Tuesday, May 6, so we have had lots of help over the last two weeks. Bennett is doing awesome! He was past his birth weight (7 lbs. 12 oz.) by day 5 (7 lbs. 14 oz.) and on day 13 weighed 8 lbs. 14 oz. His feet are already tight in his new-born onsies. 😦 He is just the sweetest thing I have ever seen and we are so in love.


I am super bummed about my broken tailbone. It hurts. I feel like all the working out has helped me to recover quickly. My stitches haven’t quite dissolved, but I barely notice any discomfort. I had planned to take it easy in May and start training for the Seawheeze June 1. I will have to see how I feel, I want to make sure everything heals properly before running again. I am REALLY hoping I can still race in August. I think it’s safe to say my goals/expectations need to be adjusted. We have been taking short walks and shopping trips. We really can’t do anything for more than three hours because the little stinker needs to eat.

My midwife said I could start with some light jogging as long as I promised to listen to my body. I may try to get to the gym  for some low impact cardio, just to get the blood circulating and feel good endorphins going. (This sounds like a great idea, but in reality is very unlikely.) “Resting” has been tough and I am craving a good sweat session… and sushi.

My body bounced back a lot faster than I expected. I weighed myself at the midwife office yesterday and I am back down to 126. You can see I’ve got the new mom look down. I only put on jeans to go out. It feels so good to be able to do up my jeans and actually use the button. Three hours a day seems like enough…


13 Days Postpartum

New moms… buy this: It is amazing. My nipples are in great shape, no cracks or bleeding. Thank you April!

My grandparents left Sunday and my mom is in town for another week. The days are flying by. I am so happy she is here while Jeff is back at work. Definitely makes being a new mom seem “easy”. We’ll see how I feel when she heads back home…


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