40 Weeks – Acupuncture

Still pregnant…

40 weeks, 2 days

My Baby is as big as a: Watermelon (19-22 in, 6-9 lbs)

Due Date: April 23, 2014

Gender: Boy!

Weight Gained: 18 – 21 lbs.

Symptoms: This week off work has been glorious. I have felt great. Perhaps it’s because I can do whatever feels good rather than being hunched over a keyboard all day.

Food Cravings/Aversions: Nothing stands out. We made mushroom/cheddar burgers. Yum! (Normally I would go for the veggie burger option.)

Sleep: From 11:00 pm to 4:00 am I’ve been sleeping great! Then I am awake, thinking about EVERYTHING. Up until about 7:30 and then I spend the morning in bed. So thankful to be done work.

Miss Anything? Eating in front of the TV!  Ha, this is probably a blessing in disguise. Jeff and I now sit down at the dinning room table to eat all of our meals. I basically have to sit up straight to eat because my belly gets in the way.

Looking forward to: Meeting this little guy! We saw four brand new babies at the mid-wife this week. So tiny! I can’t wait to see what he looks like! I think he’ll look like Jeff (so cute). I read an interesting article about how babies look like their dad’s.

Fact or Fiction: Do Babies Resemble Their Fathers More Than Their Mothers? – Fiction. Although mothers will still see their partners in their babies: “The bias in how mothers remark resemblance does not reflect actual resemblance and may be an evolved or conditioned response to assure domestic fathers of their paternity.” So interesting. I feel like the last 3 babies I have seen all looked like their dad’s very early on.

I wonder if he has hair…

Belly Button in or out? Out

Wedding Rings: On

Happy or moody most of the time? Moody! Sorry Jeff… maybe this means labour is coming soon? I’ve been so irritable. It might have to do with the fact that I didn’t feel ready for baby to come until yesterday. Also we re-did our back splash this week. I am so happy it’s done. I was worried we were going to be in the middle of a kitchen reno with a new-born.



New Baby Items: I bought a few Halo sleep sacks, but I am not opening them yet. My girlfriend lent me two Summer Infant swaddlers. I will wait to see if he likes those before trying the Halo ones. Those sleepers are expensive! Thank you Target 90 day exchange policy.


Maternity Clothes: I bought 2 nursing tanks! I stepped into a Thyme Maternity store for the first time. Holy Hannah maternity clothes are pricey! I picked up one black tank ($39), tags are still on, but I am sure it will be my fav.


Exercise: Running errands and dog walks. Every time I walk into a store I get this horrible vision of my water breaking. I considered throwing a towel and extra pair of pants in my car.

Labour Signs: It’s a weird week in limbo. I have no clue what I am waiting for and what to expect. I have had the same old light cramping. This kid is cozy in there.

Good news is, he is engaged. He has a little room to drop, I am not waddling yet.

Getting Labour started. I have tried the following…

While none of these are proven to get labour going it’s been fun trying them out! I am sure he will come when he is ready. I would like to avoid being induced, so hopefully he stays safe in there until it’s time.

  • Ball bouncing. This is actually the most comfortable way to sit. Plus my midwife advised me to not spend too much time leaning back into a couch.
  • Pineapple. I just like pineapple, I think I would have to eat 3 of them at once to have a chance of this working.
  • Prostaglandin’s. Found in Evening Primrose Oil. I have been taking 3 a day since 38 weeks. (“What got the baby in will get the baby out.” Sperm also contains prostaglandin’s.)
  • Walking.
  • Curry… The perfect opportunity to hit up a local Indian restaurant.


I have always wanted to try acupuncture and I couldn’t think of a better time. I was pretty nervous. I am not afraid of needles but I couldn’t get that pin cushion image out of my head. I went to see Colleen Helgason at Shey Wellness Clinic in Toronto. I would highly recommend her. It was such a good experience. I let her know I was a little nervous and she assured me we would start slow. It was as relaxing as a massage.

I got REALLY comfortable on a bed of pillows and she started with massage, focusing on pressure points on my head and shoulders. (I hope I am not mis-using terminology). Then came the needles. She used 8 in total, 2 above my ankles, my knees, my shoulder and my hands. Deep breath in and a small prick on the exhale and that was it. Once they were in I could barely feel them. She finished with some reflexology. I may go back and see her Monday if nothing happens this weekend.

2 thoughts on “40 Weeks – Acupuncture

  1. These posts are so fun to read! You look amazing and so does your kitchen! If baby doesn’t come by Saturday can we borrow Jeff for some backsplash install?

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