29/30 Weeks

30 weeks

30 weeks 5 days

My Baby is as big as a: Head of Lettuce.

Due Guess Date: April 23 to 27, 2014

Gender: Boy!

Weight Gained: 11-14 pounds.

Symptoms: Heartburn. It’s so bad. I used to get it before my pregnancy every so often, but this is killer. All I want to do is lie down, but apparently that only makes it worse. I slept sitting up last Tuesday night.

The back aches continue. Its right up the middle of my back and my lower back. Time to book a pre-natal massage.

Food Cravings: Fruit! We went for lunch after our Midwife appointment and this was the only thing that looked good to me.


Food Aversions: Chicken wings. I guess it’s not really an aversion since they have always kind of creeped me out. I turned one down the other day though, that’s not really like me.

Sleep: I don’t want to jinx it but sleep has been pretty much back to normal…

Miss Anything? The feeling of sunshine on my skin. Not pregnancy related, I know.

Looking forward to: My Baby Shower next week!

Belly Button in or out? Fully out.

Happy or moody most of the time? Happy.

New Baby Items: Nothing new this week. We probably wont buy anything until after the shower. We have been working hard in the Nursery. All cleaned out with a fresh coat of paint. It was already baby blue (technically Fresh Day) so we just needed some touch ups.


Maternity Clothes: Nothing new.


Monday – YouTube 3rd Trimester Home Workout
Tuesday – BodyFlow
Wednesday – BodyPump
Thursday – 20 min Elliptical
Friday – BodyStep
Saturday – Rest
Sunday – Rest

Monday – BodyStep
Tuesday – 20 min Treadmill: light jogging/walk
Wednesday – BodyPump
Thursday – Rest
Friday – BodyStep* (20 min)
Saturday – Rest
Sunday – Rest

*I think this was my last BodyStep class. I have been able to keep up and take my options. Friday the studio had the heat on (this may have had something to do with it). After about 20 minutes I started to feel light-headed and nauseous. I walked on the spot for about 30 seconds and decided to pack it in. I felt somewhat defeated walking out of a class that I have participated in 1-2 times a week for the last two years. At the same time, I was happy. I knew my body would tell me when it was time to slow down, I also hoped I would be smart enough to listen to it. Check and check. I feel like I am in the final stretch now.

Moving forward I plan on sticking with BodyFlow and BodyPump. I still feel strong, I just can’t keep up with the cardio. The elliptical and bike will probably be my new gym buddies for the next two months. Going to need some Netflix recos to get me through.


What do you do to keep from getting bored on cardio machines?

What’s good on (Canadian) Netflix right now?


One thought on “29/30 Weeks

  1. Looking beautiful my friend! Homestretch indeed! I cannot wait to see/meet the little guy. Sending you love and back rubs from AB.

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