26 Weeks – Baby Moon

26w 5 days

26 Weeks, 5 Days

I am feeling pretty good for being six months pregnant. Mexico was the perfect trip to get away and relax. Thank you and congratulations to our dear friends who were married in Hautolcu January 16. xo


As I mentioned before I was a little nervous about stripping down to my tinsy-winsy bikini in front of all of my friends. A few compliments go along way. (Again, I love my baby bump, please don’t confuse this “over share” with a panicked post about weight gain.) Truth is my body has changed drastically over the last six months in ways I couldn’t have imagined. I am still getting used to my own reflection. The first day, the initial un-comfort and the obvious stares were followed by smiles and encouraging compliments. It helped that there were a few other pregnant women rocking bikinis at the resort… awesome. It didn’t take long to find the confidence I needed to wear my bump proud.


If you have the opportunity to take a Babymoon… do it. We were lucky to have booked this trip a year ago. Had we known I would have been six months pregnant we probably would have extended it an extra week to have some time to ourselves. (I am glad we didn’t because a week of sitting and doing nothing by the pool was enough for me).

The down fall to be pregnant on vacation is the lack of activity. Maybe it’s just me, but I was really feeling overly cautious about EVERYTHING. We opted out of the Catamaran Cruz, snorkelling, sea doing and kayaking (we had every intention of doing this one… until 2 sead-dos crashed… I hope everyone was okay). I didn’t want to risk anything while pregnant… in Mexico. Luckily I have friends and a husband that love to read, soak in the sun and play cards. A week by the pool was perfect.

SUNSCREEN – Mixed Messages

  • Vitamin D is good for the baby, get some sunshine.
  • Only use all natural sunscreen – Have you ever used this stuff? It’s like rubbing Pentane on your entire body.
  • Do not over heat. A quick dip in the pool will cool you right down – Wait… what’s that cloud around your body in the water? Oh… it’s your all-natural sunscreen.

Spend the next 30 minutes re-applying sunscreen.. only to overheat and get back in the pool… This happened to me in Florida. After about 2 hours I ended up heading inside to nap. This time I compromised with Neutrogena.

I actually managed to find the face stuff in 60 SPF… I wore it religiously until day 5 when I realized my whole body was sun-kissed, and my face still relatively pale. I switched to ARBONNE Baby Care Sunscreen SPF 30, more natural, but I hate getting my face wet anyway.

The Beach Defense is my new favourite sunscreen. It smells amazing. Prego or not it’s my new go-to.

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