25 Weeks – Body Image Ramblings

25 weeks

I have seriously neglected blogging in the last couple weeks! Sorry! I’m back. … Now trying to catch up. (I am back dating this post). The bump picture above was taken at 6:00 am, January 14 as we were getting ready to leave for the airport to travel to Mexico for the week. Side Bar: My Pro Compression socks were a dream! No swelling. The following thoughts on body image were written in preparation for this trip. (I normally leave this kind of “feeling-sharing, dear diary” stuff off the blog, but I thought it was important to share some of my body image thoughts. I know I am not alone on this…)


I have been health conscious my whole life. I credit Dance for this. I started dancing when I was 8 and stuck with it through first year University. I learned not only how to, but the importance of taking care of my body. You only get one! As a result (and “good” genes) I have always had a healthy body image and felt confident in a bathing suit.

I leave for Mexico on a destination wedding Tuesday. Last week my brave husband and I went bathing suit shopping. We headed straight to Victoria Secret. Turns out they don’t let men in the change rooms. OK, makes sense… but I REALLY wanted his opinion before I actually bought anything. There was a line up of at least 10 women. My heart sank at the thought of having to parade in front of them in a bikini with my pregnant belly. Tears welled up in my eyes and for the first time, I felt nervous about trying on bathing suits. I surprised myself at how emotional I got.

Don’t get me wrong, I love my baby bump and feel blessed that I am able to bear children an am proud to be growing a healthy little boy in there. Truthfully, it’s not even that big and I haven’t gained weight anywhere but my midsection (yet). I really shouldn’t be complaining  BUT … it’s my blog.

I didn’t feel cute or sexy with my belly hanging out. I felt like I was on display. As a women, I was/am curious to see other growing bumps. The female body is amazing and it still blows my mind that there is a tiny little human inside that belly. Maybe it’s because of my own fascination that I felt like everyone was staring at me. Maybe no one cared or was looking my way at all. I am pretty sure no one was gawking and thinking negative thoughts, at least I hope not… I am clearly pregnant. At the end of the day, I am not wearing a cover up in Mexico… so I better figure this bump confidence thing out.

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