23 Weeks

23 w

Weight Gained: I would guess 10 pounds? Haven’t been on a scale since my last appointment…

Symptoms: None.

Movement: Getting stronger. He was really jumping around in there yesterday. We can actually SEE the kicks now.

Food Cravings: Ginger beef… being in Calgary it was only appropriate. Jeff and I went on a nice double date with my Grandma and Grandpa. It was so great to catch up.


Food Aversions: I skipped the fried Oysters during Christmas dinner this year. They were cooked so I probably could have eaten them, just wasn’t feelin’ it.

Sleep: Great!

Stretch Marks? Still nothing. Thinking of taking this one out until something happens.

Miss Anything? Blueberry tea.

Looking forward to: Moving our office downstairs to make room for the nursery!

Belly Button in or out? Half and half.

Happy or moody most of the time? Most of the time… happy.

Maternity Clothes: I bought a few “maternity” clothes from Ariztia while I was in Calgary. I always feels like I get an extra deal with Alberta’s 5% GST. (Ontario has 13% HST).

Left to Right: Talula – Lenox Sweater, Wilfrid – Diderot Sweater  & Capucine T-Shirt

These sweaters are great because they are meant to hang open. No worries about stretching buttons or zippers. Plus they will still look great after baby is out.

New Baby Items: We were Little B was spoiled over the holidays.

Just before we left we unwrapped a little giant blue box… this football piggy bank is from Jeff’s sister and parents. So cute! The tiny little toque belonged to Jeff as a baby! Love the little pom pom.


I can’t get over how tiny New Born clothes are. Those lumberjacks are the cutest!


My Grandma has been busy knitting. Baby Afghan and two sweater sets.


Exercise: Nada. This week just flew by. Family visits and Touch took priority over exercise. What are the holidays for? Back to it this week.

Hope you had a great holiday with family and friends!


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