Home for the Holidays

Every other year Jeff and I make the trip west to Calgary, Alberta to spend Christmas with my family. It actually works really well. I can’t imagine trying to juggle both families in one city over the holidays. (We both have fairly large families and are all very close.)

We flew in Friday morning, just missing the beginning of the Toronto Ice Storm of 2013. Our flight was only delayed half an hour to de-ice the plane. No big deal, I was just happy to get out of there.

As soon as we got into town we met up with our good friend Heather for Brunch. I miss this chick.


It’s cold out here! We spent Friday night in the city. We went out for dinner at a local brewery where my brother and his girlfriend fiancé work. They left for Las Vegas Saturday morning so we were happy to see them before they hit the road. They are going down to rock climb over the holidays. Did I ever tell you I come from a climbing family? We used to go every week when I was growing up and family vacations consisted of road trips, tents and climbing shoes. It was pretty awesome. My brothers are REALLY good climbers, my youngest brother and his fiancé are AMAZING.

Saturday night we headed out of the city to spend some time at my parents house. They live in the middle of nowhere, I love coming out here and I can just relax.


We are meeting my Dad and Grandma for brunch today and then meeting up with my sister. Gotta soak up all the family time I can get this week.


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