20/21 Weeks – Reasons to Find out Your Baby’s Gender

20 weeks

21 weeks

Weight Gained: Still only 5 pounds according to the scale at my gym.  I have feeling it’s actually more than that. I will find out at my midwife appointment next Wednesday!

Symptoms: Feeling normal.

Movement: I am 100 percent sure I have felt movement. I guess I could describe it as “flutters” although it feels stronger than that. Such an amazing feeling. I woke up my husband last night, sure he would be able to feel it too… he couldn’t.

Food Cravings: CAKE! I can’t remember the last time I had a piece of cake. May have to pick-up one of the McCain’s Frozen ones.

Food Aversions: Nadda.

Sleep: No complaints.

Stretch Marks? My skin felt stretched for the first time this week. I think it was a combo of baby and a Swiss Chalet quarter chicken dinner.

Miss Anything? Red wine and cured meats.

Looking forward to: Christmas at home with my family! I haven’t been home since being pregnant finding out I was pregnant, I am looking forward to seeing everyone.

Belly Button in or out? Still in, not for long.

Happy or moody most of the time? HAPPY

Maternity Clothes: None this week.

New Baby Items:



Monday – BodyStep
Tuesday – BodyFlow
Wednesday – BodyCombat
Thursday – Rest
Friday – BodyShred
Saturday – Rest
Sunday – Rest

Monday – Rest
Tuesday – BodyFlow
Wednesday – Sport Circuit
Thursday – Pilates BodyShred (home workout)
Friday – BodyStep
Saturday – Rest
Sunday – Rest

finding out

I was surprised how many people had mixed reviews about finding out the sex before the birth of the baby. My husband and I were both set on finding out as soon as we could, there wasn’t even a discussion. Some say it is one of the only true surprises in life, one that should that should be waited for.

Having been through the experience of “finding out” we would 100% do it again.

Reasons Why:

1. We had a preference. Obviously the most important thing is a healthy baby. We both wanted to have a boy first. Maybe it’s because I wished for an older brother when I was growing up (oddly enough, I got one at 14 when my mom re-married). I have an amazing relationship with my mom, and I hope to one day have a daughter, so I would have been happy with either. I just wanted to give myself time to wrap my head around what we are having. Plus it feels way more real now that we can say “he” instead of “it”.

2. I plan to Gender Stereotype our baby. My minor is in Sociology, so I get that something about that sentence doesn’t sound quite right. I do want to decorate our nursery and buy boy clothing. While I like yellow and green, I am excited to buy gender appropriate baby stuff.

3. That “moment”. It was like finding out we were pregnant again. As I was lying there with goo on my belly I couldn’t help but think how different of an experience this would have been if we had waited until delivery day. I can only imagine how overwhelmed we will be on the day of the delivery. I was happy we had this moment, just the two of us, separate from all the chaos of child-birth.

I really respect couples that wait to find out. We just HAD to know.

Did you find out? Would you?

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