Dave and Busters and a Look into the Future

Birthday Parties are very different now that we have babies in our crew. Last year we went out to Nyood Night Club for Bottle Service to celebrate our friends  turning 28 and 31. This year, dinner and games at Dave and Busters. I was impressed. (Being pregnant it was definitely my preference over a night club.) I had never heard of this Dave and Buster’s before moving to Ontario. We had more fun than I expected a bunch of 30 year olds to have at an arcade. I couldn’t believe when I looked at my watch and it was 12:45 AM! We arrived home around 1:30. Didn’t see that coming.

We announced our babies gender at dinner. Nothing too exciting. We went around the table and asked everyone for their final guesses and in awkward Nicole fashion, I blurted it out: “It’s a boy!” It was fun.

After dinner we headed into the games area and found The Gene Machine! We couldn’t resist. It takes a scan of your facial features and makes you a baby!  If you’re wondering why we have awkward expressions it’s because the machine asks you to smile just as the picture is being taken, caught Jeff of guard.


And that’s out future baby! Hahaha, look at that chin. I will have to compare it to the real thing in a year or so.

Games of the night…


c4It’s like a casino for kids in there. No Buck Hunter though.


What fun things do you do with your friends and their babies?


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