Catching Fire

I am not an avid movie goer. There are very few movies I have gone to see opening night. The stress of the line ups, the thought of having to sit in the front row contorting my neck for 2.5 hours, shelling out 15 dollars to be cold and uncomfortable surrounded by a bunch of tweens* is not my ideas of a great night out. *I realize this is a direct result of my love for YA novels. 

I would much rather wait until the On Demand release. I LOVE watching movies in my basement. Snuggling up with a glass of wine water, ordering food, binging on ice cream… bliss. That being said there are two types of movies I will brave the theatre for.

1. Must See on a Big Screen (including 3D)

– Avatar – I think I actually saw this twice in theatres in 3D.
– Lord of the Rings
– Gravity – I haven’t actually seen this one, but I heard it’s a must see on a big screen.
– Any and all MARVEL movies

Although we have a 3D TV, I think we have only watched one 3D movie, The Smurfs… and we fell asleep halfway through with our glasses on. Some movies just don’t have the same effect in a basement.

2. Movies Based on Books I Loved

Here is where my love for Young Adult Books gets me into trouble.

– Twilight – Pretty sure I lined up to watch this at Midnight.
– Harry Potter – The Hunger Games
– Life of Pi – I must admit, I missed this one.
Divergent – Coming Soon!

I LOVE seeing movies that are based on books. I would have never read Harry Potter if they didn’t make it onto a movie. I need to read the book first, always. I tried to do the reverse with “Something Borrowed” and I didn’t make it through the first 3 chapters. Last night we saw The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, on opening night… (basically my nightmare).

I wanted to get there early to make sure we got seats. (I tried to get AVX tickets at Cineplex but they we sold out by noon). We ended up going to a smaller, older, local theatre. We rolled in at 9:30 for the 10:00 show.


Yep, first in a line of 4 (we were with 2 friends). I think there were about 12 people in total. It was amazing. Changed my movie going experience. The theatre staff were super friendly and even hooked us up with extra nacho cheese!

I think I loved Catching Fire even more than the first Hunger Games. I saw Part 1 shortly after reading the trilogy, so I was picking apart all the flaws/differences.  For this one, I had forgotten most of the details of the book, so I found it to be more entertaining. Oh and I LOVE Jennifer Lawrence.

I will only be returning to Cineplex to use the gift cards that have been floating around my purse since last Christmas.


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