17 Weeks

Lululemon makes maternity pants! Just kidding, they are not technically maternity pants but that is how I justified this purchase. Introducing the Skinny Will Pant – Full-On Luon.

They can be worn two ways. When my belly gets too big I can fold the waist band below.


Weight Gained: Officially 4 pounds. 🙂 Phew, I was starting to get nervous.

Symptoms: I had THE worst cramps last weekend.  Luckily I was at the cottage with my husband and his parents.  They took good care of me.

Movement: Nothing for sure, sometimes I think I feel something but it could be anything.

Food Cravings: ICE CREAM!!!  I want it all the time… I don’t remember liking it this much before, we never had it in our freezer. We just finished the cookie dough and brownie chunks and we have yet to replace it.

Food Aversions: Red meat

Sleep: Pretty good.  I can make it through the night without getting up to pee; but I REALLY have to go when my alarm goes off.

Stretch Marks? Nope.

Miss Anything? Red wine.

Looking forward to: Finding out what we’re having! The ultrasound is scheduled for Friday, November 29!  We are trying to decide how we will share the news with our friends and family.

Belly Button in or out? In.

Happy or moody most of the time? Still happy.

New Baby Items: Nothing new, but I have definitely started stalking strollers.


Monday – Rest
Tuesday – 30 min Elliptical
Wednesday – Sport Circuit
Thursday – 30 min Arc Trainer*
Friday – Rest
Saturday – Rest
Sunday – BodyShred

*This is an Arc Trainer, I had to google what it was called…


Any great ideas on how to announce the gender of your baby to family and friends?


3 thoughts on “17 Weeks

  1. Hello! My personal favorite bra is the Flow Y, which is the same style of bra that is in the No Limits Tank & it is also designed to fit under Cool Racerbacks perfectly, without showing. However, these bras don’t necessarily work for women with larger cup sizes. If you are larger on top, you may want to try a Tata Tamer, or an All Sport (available online only, currently). The Tata Tamers are good for nearly all size, but the Al Sports, while supportive, are still “Sports bras” and only work up to a certain cup size. Energy bras are probably the most attractive sports bras Lululemon makes, and Free To Be’s are a good mid-range. The Free To Be’s are fairly attractive (low cut), while still being supportive and comfortable, while the Energy bra is the most attractive and supportive, but not as comfortable. I hope this helps, and thank you for the question. I think I will write a blog post on how to pick a good Lululemon Bra.

    (PS: They have also come out with a recent line of more supportive bras (Bracer line) but I find the price s little prohibitive & they don’t seem to be very popular- but when I write my post I’ll see if I can dig up some honest reviews.)

  2. Thanks! I love the Cool Racerback’s but am scared to stretch them out… I have a No Limits tank I’ve been saving. (It’s not my favourite but will be perfect with a belly). I went through a Run:tame me tank phase last year which I’m hoping will also work. Now I just need a really good sports bra! Any suggestions?

    I also plan to wear a lot of Lulu once this baby comes! Thanks for the tips. 🙂

  3. A lot of my friends have worn Lululemon through their entire pregnancy. No Limits tanks are perfect for pregnant ladies. Skinny Wills work too. You might also want to try a Cool Racerback. They’re made a little long, so they will go over a baby bump. Congratulations on the future addition to your family!

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