Fueling Friday – Jeff’s Birthday Week

It was Jeff’s birthday weekend AND my friend was in town from Calgary so we were BUSY. No complaints here.

My dear friend Bobbi is moving to Australia! I have known this chick since second grade. We have only lived in the same city for the last two years and sadly didn’t see enough of each other. We were happy to celebrate her at Rodney’s Oyster House on Friday night. I LOVE oysters so it was torture being here pregnant. I am already making a list of restaurants I plan to visit once this babies out… Rodney’s is number 1.


We have 2 new babes in our crew of friends, plus I’m pregnant, so our usual bottle service birthday parties are on hold for now. Instead we went bowling at 4 in the afternoon… babies change everything. We had a blast though, and I think being the sober really helped my game!


I was craving a root-beer float so Jeff ran across the street to DQ. Husband of the year.

Sunday we had big plans to visit the new Ripley’s Aquarium downtown. This is as far as we got.


The line ups were CRAZY so we headed to the Hockey Hall of Fame (which was dead).


Jeff’s real birthday was Tuesday. He has been searching for a briefcase for a while but couldn’t get this particular one out of his head. So with the help of his sister (who drove to Buffalo to pick it up) and his family, I was able to surprise the heck out of him.


Thanks to my sister-in-law for snapping this photo… and helping me out with the gift!

Happy Birthday Jeff! 32 looks good on you… and so does that briefcase.



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