A Mexican Bachelorette and Waffle Date

Saturday I went to my girlfriends Bachelorette.  Her and her fiancé are getting hitched January 2014, in Mexico. I CANNOT wait for the wedding! The party had a Mexican theme and because it was on Halloween weekend everyone was invited to dress up.


Her friends made her this amazing Piñata costume. It even said BRIDE across the back. I went as Speedy Gonzales (as you may have noticed here). I had the cutest whiskers but they attached to the inside of my nose… painful. I admit, my costume was less than impressive this year. I went all out on Friday night, but of course, forgot to take photos. We did get a few shots of our little cowgirl.


Back to the Mexican Bachelorette.


I need more theme parties in my life.

We were asked to bring a small gift for the bride-to-be that would remind her of a memory we shared.

dirty martini

It’s a dirty martini! One of our favourite drinks. I was a little worried she wouldn’t get it… but she did and even guessed it was from me. 🙂

I’ve been craving waffles lately so Jeff and I got out the waffle maker for Sunday Brunch.


I am thinking this should become a thing. Waffles are the best with yogurt and fruit. Have you ever noticed that you cannot buy regular yogurt without aspartame or sucralose? It’s frustrating. Not only do I hate the taste but Jeff is allergic… or so he says. I ended up with Greek yogurt, which I love, it’s just not ideal for waffles; but even it was flavoured with stevia!

Is there a flavoured yogurt out there WITHOUT artificial sweetener? 

– I may just have to start buying plain and adding my own fruit to the mix… where is the convenience!?

Been to any great theme parties lately?

– Halloween and Mexican!

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