The First Trimester

We found out we were pregnant while we were on vacation visiting my dad on Vancouver Island. August 20, The Best Day Eversee what I did there? We were staying with family friends and had picked up the Clear Blue 2 for 1 test on the way (1 digital test, 1 with the lines).  Tuesday morning, before heading out to drop off the rental car, I dragged Jeff into the bathroom with me.  He read the directions, I peed on the stick.

Jeff: After 5 seconds the stick will turn pink, do not pee on it longer than 5 seconds.
Nicole: It’s not turning pink… it’s been more than 5 seconds… I think I wrecked it.

After about 10 seconds of not turning any colour, I put the cap on and placed it on the counter. We just stared at it, wondering if anything would happen.


Initially, I couldn’t get words out. I just pointed and exhaled, “uuuuuhhh????”

Jeff: Chokes and spits out toothpaste.
Nicole: What does that mean?


Woah. It was surreal. Turns out we were reading the wrong directions.  The other test (not digital) turned pink when I peed on it the next day. It was pretty crazy. We decided we wanted to keep this our secret for the first three months.

Most common question: How have you been feeling? I’ve been really lucky and haven’t had any morning sickness so far (knock on wood). For some reason the pharmacist told me to take my prenatal vitamins (PregVit) on an empty stomach… I only made that mistake once.

The first 3 months I was tired! Growing a human is exhausting. This explains the lack of blogging. I would come straight home from work and take a nap. Thank goodness Jeff can cook. Nights when I didn’t get enough sleep I would wake up with what felt like a hangover… WHHHHAAAAA???  Not cool.

At about 12 weeks I did a 180, it was like a switch flipped and I suddenly had all of my energy back. Thank goodness! I still haven’t been cooking much, but I can get through the day with out a nap. 🙂

Cravings and Aversions: I am normally a ‘salty’ person. Jeff knows to bring home pepperoni sticks and beef jerky (and flowers) in lieu of chocolates (and flowers) and I never order dessert. That has changed. The first month I replaced wine with ice-cream. Ya, you can do this when your pregnant.


Avocado and salmon kinda gross me out right now. I can’t handle the smell of fish or garlic. I am sure this will pass… at least I hope it does.

Due Date: April 25, 2014 (ish)

Working Out: I have been able to stick to my normal workout routine. I am obviously listening to my body more and not pushing as hard. I read somewhere that while your pregnant you should try to focus on maintaining your fitness level rather than improving it.

I was a little nervous about running the 5K at 7 weeks and the 10K at 9 weeks. Thanks to running blogs and the internet I determined as long as I can breathe the baby can breath. I self-check by making sure I can comfortably talk while working out. When talking to myself seems weird, I just sing along to the song I am listening to (because that’s less creepy).

33 Reasons to Workout Now

Second most common question: Are you going to find out? YES! I fully plan to gender stereo-type our baby. 😉 Mostly I want to decorate the nursery and buy cute (gender appropriate) outfits. We hope to find out during the 18-20 week ultrasound. If the baby doesn’t cooperate we may be out of luck. I am not sure how I feel about getting an ultrasound JUST to find out the sex. We are both guessing boy. I really have no idea, I just feel like we have met so many baby girls lately…

Baby Bump Photos:

12 weeks

13 weeks

I plan to post weekly updates on the blog and created a new page, Baby Fuel, where you can find all the links.

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