Fueling Friday… Saturday Edition

It’s been a long time since I’ve done a Fueling Friday post.

1. Halloween I almost missed it this year! Since Halloween is on a Thursday, this is the weekend to dress up and celebrate. Dressing up after October 31 is like wearing white after Labour Day. Our friends threw a party last night and went all out.


2. Manicures Thursday I was feeling crappy and was just having one of those days. Solution: Get my nails did. Best 15 dollars I’ve ever spent. Day 3 and still holding up nicely. PS I will never be a hand model. PPS Pedicures have the same effect.


3. Sleeping in on a Saturday. 

4. Chai Lattes… at home Last weekend I picked up a 3 pack of Tazo Chai concentrate for $14.99. Jackpot.


4b. Our Nesspresso Machine and Steamer This was the only gift we received from the registry for our wedding. We didn’t really register for gifts, I did for my bridal shower and this beauty was left over. Best. Gift. Ever. We love it and the steamer is perfect for my lattes.

5. Friends Dropping Off Lunch Jeff has been working all morning so our amazing friends brought over California Sandwiches. Oddly enough I am pretty sure you can only get these master pieces in the GTA (Greater Toronto Area)… not sure where the name came from?


Happy Halloween Weekend!

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