Weekends are for Eating and Shopping

It’s been another crazy week. We were out Friday AND Saturday last weekend… this is a rare occurrence these days.

Friday we went down 416 Snack Bar to meet a friend. I am totally in love with the snacking menu. Afraid to eat with your hands? Better bring your own cutlery because these guys aren’t into that. Don’t worry, most things are easy enough to eat or come with toothpicks. Based on their site, I am guessing they update the menu regularly. It’s a super small place but definitely worth a visit.

Saturday we got some work done around the house. Ya know, grown up chores. We went downtown around 5 to get some shopping in before meeting or friends for dinner. I love Winners, but I have to be in the right mood to shop there. I have been looking for the perfect black boots for the last two years and I finally thought I found them. I quickly searched for a size seven and grabbed the box. It was empty!!!! I told the staff hoping they would be able to help me locate the lost pair; they looked at me like I was crazy for holding an empty box. I guess someone bought them and left the box on the shelf?

I think that was them… if not, very similar.

At 6:00 we still had an hour and a half to kill so we hit up the Beir Market on King West.  I was driving so I tried one of their non-alcoholic beers.  Couldn’t tell the difference.

na beer

We met our friends and headed to GUSTO 101. I have been to this place a few times and I love it.  They have the best Kale salad ever.  Jeff agreed and he doesn’t even like Kale.  We split the Mozzarella di Bufala, Cavolo Nero (Kale), Arancini and Carpaccio.  It was a lot of food so Jeff and I split a main: Fettuccine ai Fungi.  I love the food here and they serve wine by the ounce.  Genius.  I am the worst blogger because I didn’t take pictures of anything until dessert.  They have mini desserts.  The apple maple pie thing was my fav.


Sunday I continued my quest for black boots… nightmare. I went to two Winners and no sign of these boots. I ended up with the black and brown pair below.  I am not sold on the black ones so I haven’t taken the tags off yet.  Not sure if they are too casual for work?


We finished the weekend with wings, friends and the Colt vs. Denver game. It got a little too intense for me at the end so I put myself to bed around midnight.

Halloween festivities begin this weekend!


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