It’s Been Too Long

I’m back!  I know, you were really worried about me…  For whatever reason I haven’t been “feelin’ it” lately.  Maybe it’s the season change, colder weather means more blankets, cozier clothes and more naps.

In the last month I…

–          Partook in Bachelorette festivities

–          Ran my first 10K

–          Retired for 5 days in Florida with my Mom and Grandparents


–          Hung out with my mom in Toronto

–          Assisted my husband to the emergency room, for the second time in one week…


–          Have eaten my share of cheese at lobster (Lobster Poutine AND Lobster Mac & Cheese in the same night). Thank you Rock Lobster.

–          Went to a beautiful wedding, congrats Mike and Jillian!


–          Have a new obsession with Gobstoppers and Cinnamon Buns.

–          Didn’t take nearly enough photos.

With the weather changing I have also discovered, I hate running on the treadmill.  I semi-injured my calf early September so I have been taking it really easy on the running front.  I try to get out there whenever the weather permits but mainly I’ve been sticking to my indoor routine.

Hopefully I can open my computer in the next month and elaborate on some of the above.

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