Ukie Fest and Baby Showers

As much as I love summer and cottage season, I was so happy to stay in Toronto this weekend. One of my favourite things about this city are the street festivals. This weekend was the Taste of Bloor West, more commonly known as Ukie Fest! This must be my favourite, “Taste of…” festival in the city. That is not a fair statement, I have only been to two others:

1. Taste of the Danforth – Greektown
2. Taste of Italy – Little Italy

Bloor West is so close to us, it would be embarrassing to miss this festival. The food is AMAZING! Please excuse the blurry iPhone photos. I promise to buy a better real camera in the near future.


Jeff and I made a pact that our Christmas Eve tradition will forever include Ukrainian food. We both have some Ukrainian in our blood, but more importantly we both love perogies.


Food just taste better when you eat it in the street. There was live music and lots of shopping. We didn’t spend a lot of time there this year. We ate too much and headed home to tuck in with a movie. You know you’re getting older when your ideal Saturday night consists of street food and Rogers on demand.

My weekends have been filled with baby showers lately. (Also a sign of getting older.) Luckily  I love wrapping presents, sipping wine and talking about babies.


Thank you mom and grandma for teaching me the art of present wrapping. There is something so satisfying about a beautifully wrapped present and perfectly curled ribbons.

In the box…

We didn’t have the name put on, we don’t even know what it will be yet. It will look so cute in her nursery and the mom-to-be loved it.

The rest of the day is dedicated to football and laundry…


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