Yorkville Run Race Recap

I ran in my very first road race on Sunday, September 8: The Yorkville Run in support of YWCA women’s shelters. I loved it so much!

Running through downtown Toronto was awesome. The roads were closed just for us to run 🙂 no worries about being hit by a car.

I loved that complete strangers were yelling my name and cheering me on. Thanks Yorkville Run for personalizing the bibs and thank you strangers for the support.

I finally had a reason to dust off my iPod shuffle and made a new playlist specifically for this race.

5k running mix

My goal when I signed up was under 25 min. Going into the race my PB for 5K was 26:01. I wasn’t expecting to shave off over a whole minute, so I was quiet pleased when I saw my results.


In case you can’t read the unbelievably small print.  My time was 25:16.2. Whaaaa????  Yes!!! I was found it interesting that the place is based on the overall time rather than the chip time. Is this normal?

I wore my Garmin, which I never do. (I am pretty obsessed with my Nike+ Running app). I loved being able to see my pace and time at a glance. Although I did have some trouble loading and interpreting the data.

Screen Shot 2013-09-09 at 5.22.15 PM

Screen Shot 2013-09-09 at 5.24.56 PM

Apparently I also had trouble pressing stop when I crossed the finish line and screwed up the averages a bit (see split 13). Shame. It also uploaded in miles with splits of .25 and I can’t figure out how to change it. Any Garmin experts out there, let me know if there is a quick fix I am missing? I like that the Nike+ Running app displays splits in colour coded kilometres or miles!

This race was really well-organized. One volunteer for every six runners. After we finished there were people everywhere walking around with trays of bananas, power bars, water, bagels and cinnamon buns! Best cinnamon bun of my life AND Catalyst Health was offering free massages.   

I had mixed feelings about signing up for a 5K. Paying money to run a distance that I run so regularly; but I would do it again in a second. I found 5K to be a great race distance because it is so familiar I’m not afraid to push myself. Oh and the money goes toward a great cause.

Added bonus: pretty finishing medals.

5K medal


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