Something’s Missing

I have been on hiatus for almost two weeks now (except for Thursday).  I keep thinking about sitting down to write, next thing I know I am waking up from a two-hour nap.

Recovering from Vacation has been brutal. I have been so tired all week and in the vicious cycle of afternoon naps. (Don’t get me wrong, I love afternoon naps.) Unfortunately I can’t seen to fall asleep till well after midnight. Vicious Cycle.

That being said, I had a rather traumatic Wednesday. Yes I am being dramatic.


Marking A – This has been apart of me for as long as I can remember. I used to hate it. I was 13 when I begged my mom to have it removed.

“How would we identify your body if it was found in a ditch?”

First off: WTF? Second: My crazy pinky finger that never properly healed!

Around 14 my aunt informed me that it was extremely rare to have pigment in the palm of your hand and the soles of your feet. Suddenly, I felt special. I grew to love my freakish right hand.

Marking B – This appeared about 3 years ago, out of nowhere. Weird right? Hello dermatologist.

Marking CNot shown, don’t bother scrolling up to look for it – There is a freckle on my back. I have never seen it, I didn’t bother to take a photo. Apparently it looked suspicious.

Wednesday Morning my loving husband drove us to the Dermatology Center. I was freaking out. I don’t know why? Yes, a plastic surgeon was about to shave of 3 pieces of my body… but it’s not major surgery. I was awake when my wisdom teeth were removed at 18. I thought it was kinda cool. Somewhere in the last 10 years I have lost my fearless self.

The needles in the hand were fairly painful (who knew anything could be worse than a needle to the gum). It wasn’t unbearable, I imagine that is what a wasp sting would feel like. I barely felt the one in my back, easy peasy.

The worst part was the wiggle I felt when he was sawing them off. Just a slight pull back and forth, it reminded me of the last time I attempted to cook a pork roast and had to trim the fat. Shudder.


The saddest part is now they are gone 😦 Let the healing process begin! Fingers crossed the lab doesn’t find any abnormalities. If they do, it’s from the excessive sun screen that I have been applying since I was old enough to know what melanoma was.

No news is good news.

On a lighter note: We were able to re-purpose the giant box my foam roller was delivered in!


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