The Best Day Ever

Tuesday, August 20 we woke up on Vancouver Island. We had decided to return our rental car early.  I wanted to maximize the time with my dad, which meant we wouldn’t need two cars and could save some cash on the car.  Three hours and a Tim Horton’s breakfast later, car returned and we were ready to set sail.



We had a beautiful ride over to Tribune Bay, complete with amateur fishing (we didn’t catch anything) and some primo sunning.  Once we anchored Jeff and I rowed our little boat all the way to the beach; tied it up to some drift wood and went on a mission. Somehow we forgot to pick up beers for our maiden voyage. We returned with a box full of brews and 6 Strongbows, loaded up our row boat and headed back to the boat.

We opted out of spending the night in the bay. We didn’t want to risk the winds changing in the night. The trip back was just as beautiful.



We docked just as night fell and dad cooked us dinner. I was super impressed with my old man’s skills. We ate in the boat, at the table of course and turned on Prometheus via Netflix to end the day. Jeff and I were both asleep within minutes.

We slept on the boat with the hatch open, a full moon and sky full of stars. Great way to spend the day with the two men in my life that I love the very most.

Thanks guys.

The next few days were pretty awesome too.



This plate cracked me up.

And finally, my favourite food in the whole world.


Scallops. Butter. Garlic. Ginger. Love.


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