Fueling Friday (August 3 – 9)

Weekly Workouts

Sweating makes me happy; I thought this would be an appropriate place to re-cap my weekly work-outs. Bored? Scroll down. There is more happy fuel to follow…

SATURDAY – Tennis. We only played for an hour or so but I feel like it counts as a workout. Jeff has a rule that you have to sprint to retrieve up any and all balls. This is exhausting for a novice tennis player like myself.  (Note-To-Self: Wear heart rate monitor next time we play).

SUNDAY – Run 5.01km Average Pace 5’14″/km – 3.11mi AP 8’26″/mi


TUESDAY – BodyFlow
                 – Run – 5.04km (3.13mi) – Average Pace 5’56″/km (9’32″/mi)

WEDNESDAY – Sport Circuit – HR Average 131 / Max 176.  We had a sub for this class and while it didn’t feel any more difficult than usual, I am still feeling it today.  Holly Hannah, my body hurts!  I guess it’s good to mix things up.

THURSDAY – Run – 5.51km (3.42mi) – Average Pace 6’06″/km (9’48″/mi)
                    – Pilates Mat

FRIDAY – BodyStep Impromptu Rest Day! – Muscles that I didn’t know I had hurt.


1. Healthy Snacks… sort of. Jeff eating out of a Cost-Co size bag of broccoli made us both laugh. Guess who gives Rosie bites of food when we eat on the couch?


Probably not that healthy when you account for the dip…

2. Two Day Vacations – I used to still catch myself complaining about how busy summers are. This summer, there are 6 weekends in a row that we are away from home. I just remind myself… the only thing I am really missing out on is laundry. I am now embracing my weekly vaca time.

3. After work Drinks – I was able to catch up with a good friend after work this week. This will need to be a bi-weekly thing.


I am so high maintenance about my spritzers. My 22 year-old server-self would slap me.

4. Running with a Friend – Time flies chatting and running.

5. Finding great deals online! (See # 8).

6. Sleeping in … in your own bed. Something to look forward too when September rolls around.

7. Running Fast – I’ve been seeing some improvements in my speed lately and it feels awesome. I stumbled upon a few great reads this week. The universe is telling me something.

FitYaf.com – So you want to run faster?
runladylike @ OliveToRun.com – The Secret to Running Faster

8. Singing in the Car (and turning it up until you sound JUST like the radio).

9. Presents!!!! (See #5) – My foam roller is here, now to figure out how to use it.


The packaging was a little over-kill. If you look closely in the second picture you can see a black foam roller in the back left corner of the box. At least the packaging is recyclable.

Hopefully you have a mini vacation planned this weekend and won’t be doing ANY laundry.

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