August Longer

Every August for the past 5 years (since I’ve known Jeff), we have been going to the lake for the long weekend. This year was no different.  Four days of blissful cottage living.

We found this great running trail.

It is so beautiful and I love that you can run for miles without worrying about getting lost or being hit by a car.  New fastest 5K – 26:13!  Maybe my goal for 25 min or less isn’t that crazy?

Nothing like coming back from a run to homemade waffle dogs. If you ever get a chance to try these… do it! They are like corn dogs, but waaaayyy better. We (and by “we” I mean my favourite mother-in-law) use Bisquick waffle batter and hotdogs on a stick. I add mayo and mustard. They taste like summer days.


We hit the beach on Sunday. I love Lake Huron. It’s so big, you can’t see the shore on the other side. It reminds me of the ocean, and more importantly… vacation.  As much as I miss the mountains in Alberta, I think the Great Lakes are a pretty good trade-off.


Rose Nylund loves the beach…


And the sunsets.


We drove home Monday morning. Our afternoon / evening consisted of 2 episodes of The Newsroom (best show ever), The Host and some movie I slept through. Oh, and this:


Rose is so dang cute, I couldn’t help throwing a photo of her in there. Looking at in now, it may have been a little inappropriate and kind of gross to include her in a chinese food college.

Great way to end a long weekend.

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