Kissing Babies and my “Training Plan”

It’s been a crazy week and I’ve had one thing on the brain…

whats that

Babies! Specifically this little one.


Our friends are visiting from Victoria with their little angel. She is such a good baby and will ‘charm your pants off’ with her smile. (We were warned.) This family makes having a 10 month old look easy.

Lucy May (Lulu) is so stinking cute. Good work friends, and love her name.  Who knew kissing babies could bring so much happiness?

lulu meets rose

Rose Nylund has been so patient with her.

lulu and rose 2

I don’t think she has ever had a human friend her size. We’re thinking Rose Nylund needs a tiny human of her own… or a cat. She loves cats.

Naturally with these two bundles of cuteness hanging out at my feet I’ve spent most of my free time sitting on the floor which leaves very little time for blogging.

My “Training Plan”

I signed up for another race. A 5K, September 8. This week I’ve stuck to my new “training plan”… mostly. I put training plan in quotations because I made it up, on my own, based on zero experience or training knowledge.

Sunday – Rest Day

Monday – BodyStep

Tuesday – AM Run 30 min & Body Flow

Wednesday – Sport Circuit

Thursday – AM Run 30 min & Pilates

Friday – BodyStep

Saturday – Long Run

I am focusing on increasing my speed and distance during the 30 minute morning runs. Saturdays will be longer, easier runs, since I don’t have to also fit in a full work day. I am hoping to finish the 5K race in 25 min or less. I have no clue if this is a realistic goal or not…

It was pouring rain at 6:00 am this morning so I bailed on the run. I am bringing my running shoes to the cottage.

Happy August long weekend!


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