Warrior Dash

So, I guess technically Warrior Dash was My First Race.  The ZooRun is the first race I signed up for and first running race.  I didn’t technically sign up for WD: Girlfriend 1 bought Girlfriend 2 a Warrior Dash entry as a birthday gift back in December.  Fast forward to July and Girlfriend 2 is 6 months pregnant.  Registration transferred.  🙂  Happy Birthday Girlfriend 2 and thanks Girlfriend 1 for the invite!

Warrior Dash is a 5K obstacle race.  If you are going to do a 5K… do this one.

wd before

Me and Girlfriend 1 – Before

The race runs in heats of 500.  The first mile or so was a lot of hills.  (keep in mind this takes place at a ski resort, I can’t imagine doing this in the Rockies).  The obstacles were fun and do-able on your own.  Thank you mom for enrolling me in Gymnastics and Dance; and for taking me Rock Climbing all of those years.  The experiences have elevated my obstacle course skills in my adult life. 😉

The last mile or so was a nice run around parts of the golf course… until you hit the mud; it was slow down or risk loosing a shoe.  That mud is slippery!

The last mad dash up the hill was made possible by two red shirts cheering us on.  Followed by jumping through fire (sounds dangerous, but I think your biggest risk is smoke inhalation) and finally being forced into a giant mud pit as you crawl under barbed wire.

All in all a super fun race.  The mud had dried by the time we got back to our bags to get the camera…



I started out with the “I am doing this for fun attitude”.  My competitive instincts kicked in around half way through and there was no looking back / waiting for anyone.  And when I say “waiting for anyone”, I mean the people in front of me, in line to complete the obstacles.  I did get stuck behind some slow people in the tunnels.  So frustrating!  Crawl faster!  (I can be very competitive… I am a nightmare to play board games with).  I would totally run this race again and plan on signing up next year.  I would like to try to beat my time, but the course changes every year.  I am sure most people do this race for fun as I placed 45 out of 1779 in my age category.

Women Age 20-29

wd ageOverall (607th or 609th)  – I think 2 people were disqualified.

wd overallI saw lots of shirts that said, “Mad Dash for Beer!”

wd shirt

I finished the day with a warrior shirt, a free beer AND a medal that doubles as a bottle opener… rad.


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