A Long Weekend #DarkTO

It’s been such a busy summer so far.  Not that I am complaining, just doesn’t leave much time for blogging.

Last weekend we went to a Blue Jays game to celebrate our friends birthday.  We all met up at Chipotle and I am obsessed!!!  I have never had a burrito bowl before.  I ordered brown rice with steak and ALL the fix ins.  It was so amazing, I didn’t even think to take a picture.  I just wanted to put it in my mouth.  I have been craving one ever since.

I think my favourite thing about this picture is Rose.

Neon Party for Two

Neon Party for Two

Happy Birthday Jessy!  The Jays lost, not that any of us were actually watching the game.

jaysSunday was spent recovering from Saturday and finishing Season 3 of Pretty Little Liars.  (I am not proud of this.)  Watching the credits I realized that PLL is based on a series of books.  Since there are 15 of them (@ $11.00 each) and I had already watched a good chunk of that, I downloaded The Lying Game (same author) on my Kobo.  Monday was my flex day, so I spent it reading in the sun.  Around 4:30 I decided I better get off my ass and show my dog some love.  I always think about this post and feel guilty.


And then this happened …



Our power went out around 6:00 pm. Normally I love this, but we had a guy steam cleaning our carpets at the time.  So that was awkward.  We missed the play we had planned on seeing, but still managed to make the best of it.


My camera flash really takes away from the ambiance.  I wouldn’t actually suggest playing Rummycube by candlelight.  The orange and red tiles look the same.

My work has been closed for two days due to the flooding.  Which actually finally gave me a chance to set up my home office.  (The couch in front of my TV wasn’t so productive.)


This power outage has made me realize a few things…

1. I am so thankful to live in a country where at the flick of a switch I can have light and heat/air conditioning.  TV, Macbook, phone… I don’t know what I would do without you.

2. I am too dependant on the electronics in my life.

3. People are crazy self-centred.  My entire Facebook feed showed status updates bitching about the power outages.  Go for a walk, see if your neighbour needs help.  Play a board game, read a book.  Toronto Hydro does not have God-like powers.  Try thanking their employees for being out in the storm all night trying to get your TV back on.

4. And bitching about insurance companies.  Hello, they were flooded too!  We are all dealing with water damage.  The adjuster that your yelling at?  Her basement is full of shit, (literally) and she is working from a remote office because her workplace hasn’t had power for 48 hours.  Oh and now might be a good time to read your policy!  If your not happy with your coverage… buy more.

So be kind, we’re all in this together.

2 thoughts on “A Long Weekend #DarkTO

  1. Rummycube (looking back I think it’s actually spelt Rummikub) is also referred to as Tile Rummy. It’s a lot the the card game making different runs and groups. The object is to lay down all your tiles before the other players. If you’re like me (suck at scramble but love numbers) I would highly recommend this game.

    The top is from Lululemon. Perfect for hot days and hot yoga.

    Thanks for reading!

  2. Hello, new reader. Loosing power somehow makes you acknowledge the little joys.
    Love that top! I’ve never heard of Rummycube, what does it entail?

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