Happy Canada Day!

Canada Day weekend and I am at the cottage soaking in the sun.


As you may have heard Southern Alberta was hit hard with flooding last week.  If you live under a rock, or just want to a recap watch this: #CalgaryStrong Song.

Luke and Lacey were in Toronto when all of this happened.  My Facebook was flooded (no pun intended) with pictures, videos and updates of the devastation going on back home.  We were in the car when I found the Calgary Strong video.  Lacey and I watched it on my iPhone, the boys listened via bluetooth. Technology is cool.  Flooding is sad.


Not the most flattering photo… sorry Nuts.

It was really emotional to watch, it almost didn’t seem real.  While I am thankful my family and friends are safe it will be a long time before things are back to normal.  The town I grew up in is now more or less an island, as all of the bridges were washed out.  My parents grocery store flooded which is unbelievable.  I never thought the water could get that high.  You can watch the clip here: CTV News.

I felt guilty and helpless being so far away but am inspired by the thousands of people who volunteered to help friends and strangers.  Faith in humanity restored.

Happy Canada Day!

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