Two Weeks in Five Photos

I’ve been MIA for 2 weeks.  When my Calgary family is in town I commit every spare second to spending time with them.  Surprisingly I didn’t take that many photos.


Luke and Lacey arrived last Thursday (June 20th).  After picking them up from the airport and repacking the car we headed straight to Algonquin National Park.  Poor Lacey had never been to Toronto, excited to see the city and we take her camping… sorry Nuts*.

*Lacey is allergic to nuts, as a joke we nicknamed her Nuts.  It stuck. 

The mosquitos were horrendous and we were eaten alive.  The weather was rainy off and on but we still managed to have an amazing time.  Swimming, hiking and flipping cups.

Brother-in-Law Best Friends.  This picture just makes me laugh.  Love you guys.

Brother-in-Law Best Friends. This picture just makes me laugh. Love you guys.


Back in the city, yahoo weather was forecasting thunder showers.  (Literally every icon on the screen had a lightning bolt, I regret not taking a screen shot.) In real-life it was a blue sky, hot and sticky day.  We headed to a patio and sweat through our lunch.

We found salvation at Indie Ale House.  This place is amazing!!!!  They brew all of their beer in-house and it is delicious.  I loved everything about it.


On our way home from beers, I wanted to stop at the grocery store to pick up some asparagus.  And then this happened…


The next few days Luke and Lacey spent exploring the city.  I lived vicariously through them from my workplace.  Looking for something rad to do in the city? Rent BIXI bikes and head to Centre Island.  I hear it’s fun.

luke and laceyThey left Wednesday night, missed their flight (because we were having so much fun) and ended up on the next one.  Love you guys!  Thanks for visiting!


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