Fueling Friday

Fueling Friday is something I randomly just typed in the title section.  Let’s roll with it. Random things Fueling Happy for me this Friday…

1. It’s Friday.

2. Yogurty’s.  I have finally mastered my perfect FroYo cup.  I realize there are more toppings than yogurt.


3. Family. I got a phone call from my mom last Sunday asking me if she could stay at my house next weekend… YES!  I haven’t seen my Mom and my Mark (Step-Dad) since before Christmas, so we are definitely overdue for a visit.  They get in Sunday night 🙂

4. Flex Time.  It’s my long weekend.  Every other weekend I leave early on Friday and get Monday off.  Also good timing because I get to spend ALL DAY MONDAY with my parents. 🙂

5. Employee Appreciation Week wraps up today with a Pizza lunch.  Whoo!  This week also meant casual dress code, go-karting and lunch out with the team.  I feel appreciated.

6. Rain-Sensing Wipers.  It’s June and raining in Toronto.  That sucks but automatic wipers are awesome.


7. Play-offs.  NHL.  My home team, the Calgary Flames didn’t make the play-offs. Luckily, Jerome Iginla was drafted to the Penguins so now I am cheering for Pittsburgh.  (Sydney Crosby also helps.)  NBA.  Last year I went to Miami with some girlfriends and we found ourselves at a Heat game so obviously I had to buy a jersey.  Now I cheer for them because the best part of play-offs is dressing up, drinking beer and yelling at your TV.

Miami 2012

Miami 2012

My Living Room 2013

My Living Room 2013

8. Rockin’ Rosie and New Running Shoes!

rose runner9. Lululemon.  The softest pair of Wunder Unders ever.  Thank you Lululemon Addict for the heads up and Jessy for scooping up an extra pair.  I will be living in them this weekend.



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