Lost in the Junction

We need new cushions for our outdoor set and we can’t find ones that fit ANYWHERE!  A few years ago we found this place in the Junction that does custom upholstery, worth a try.  We parked on the street across from our favourite antique store and started walking.  Right away Jeff noticed this clothing store: GERHARD.  I thought it was for men but I ended up getting these pants.

They look super cute on and are so comfortable.  I will have to take a photo next time I wear them.  The pants are by Muttonhead, a unisex clothing line manufactured in Toronto, Canada.  Like.

We made it to the upholstery place only to have to walk back to the car to get the cushions.  We stopped in every antique and furniture store along the way and ended up at SMASH.TO.  We found Jeff has been stalking this store for old factory carts for months and we finally found the perfect one.  Hopefully one day it will look like this…

After a full day of the Junction we stumbled upon the most amazing restaurant ever… ever.  Playa Cabana Cantina. If I had my phone you would have been able to see all of the amazing photos.  No phone = go to the website.  Margaritas, oysters and tacos.  What more could a girl ask for?  Sigh… a phone?


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