What Not To Do Before A Flight

I finally made it to Pensacola, FL.  Things not to do before a 6:30 am flight…

1. Drink wine.

2. Stay out until 1:30 in the morning.

3. Complete packing at 2:30 in the morning.

4. Sleep through your alarm.

I was supposed to be at the airport for 4:30 am.  I woke up to all the lights on and music blaring throughout the house.  It was 5:10.  Jeff had been trying to bring me to life for a good hour.  Despite his best efforts I just wasn’t ready to wake up.

We threw my suitcase in the car and made it to the airport in record time.  (I cried the whole way).  5:30 am.  The check in lady had to call to make sure I could still check in.  After hanging up the phone, she yelled, “No more check-ins for Chicago!”  and proceeded to check me in.  Phew.  Thank you United.  She let me know that customs was crazy busy and wished me luck.  It took about 30 minutes, luckily security wasn’t bad.  I did some how manage to lose my boarding pass, which I later found in my boot.

I made it my flight and slept the whole way to Chicago.  I had to switch planes, my iPhone said it was 8:15 and my pass said I was boarding at 8:11.  I was in C and had to get to E4.  If you have ever been through the Chicago airport you know this is not a quick walk.  Arriving at E4 (out of breath and kinda sweaty…), I was notified that the gate had changed to F12.   No way I was missing my second flight.

More Running.

Arriving at the gate I settled in and took my phone off airplane mode.  Turns out I totally forgot about the time change and it was only 7:45.

Two more gate changes, one small plane and three Under the Influence podcasts and here I am.

I am interested to see exactly what is in my suitcase.


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